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Shropshire Weavers

Fiona Nisbet

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Fiona Nisbet

Textile Artist, Designer / Maker

Withymoor Cottage




SY13 4BQ

+44(0)1948 871 618


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Please contact me if you require information about spinning and weaving equipment from Ashford which I sell and support. I’m happy to give you advice, not just about which equipment would be most suitable but also about fleece, fibres, dyes and yarns etc. If I can’t answer your question I will endeavour to find out.

Ashford is a New Zealand company which ships much of its equipment in kit form for ease of handling and to minimise shipping costs. It is excellent value for money, easy to use, very robust and well supported. Allow 2 weeks for delivery although if it’s in stock you can often have it within 7 days. I can assemble it for you if you’d rather not do it yourself, carefully sanding and polishing each part first to make the wood feel soft and smooth and to help protect it. For this service I make a small additional charge.

If you have a look at the Ashford website you’ll find some really helpful tutorials.

I’m particularly passionate about good fleece. In Britain we have a wonderful variety of sheep each with its own unique characteristic fleece which are lovely to spin providing they are clean with no second cuts and in good condition. I sell a variety of good quality local fleece both straight from the sheep and dyed. I also offer a half-day workshop for sheep farmers explaining the characteristics of good quality fleece essential for hand-spinners including brief information about spinning and the variety of yarns which can be spun from a fleece.

Come and join this wonderful world of spinning, weaving and dyeing!

Fiona weaving in her studio Fibres dyed with Logwood, spun and plied Balls of hand spun jacob fleece
Heather's green wool rug