This year's Exhibitions

Sunday 11th - Saturday 24th August

Handwoven Textiles
Rugs, Scarves, Bags, Belts, Wall-hangings, Table Runners etc.

Textile Artists: Fiona Nisbet and Sylvia Webber will be exhibiting at
The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury
St. Alkmunds Place, SY1 1UH.

Open Daily  10am-4pm  Free Admission

Both Fiona and Sylvia will be at the gallery nearly all the time, but please contact them in advance to let them know you’re coming, if you want to be sure of meeting them.

Saturday 20th October - Saturday 2nd November

Participating with The Shrewsbury Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Annual Exhibition and Sale
The Bear Steps Gallery - same details as above


February 2 day Spinning Workshop
1 day Felting for Beginners
March 2 day Weaving Workshop for Beginners on 4-shaft looms
2 day Weaving Workshop for Beginners on Rigid Heddle looms
April 1-day Rainbow dyeing (bright, vibrant colours using synthetic dyes)
1-day Dyeing with Indigo and Woad
May 3-day Natural Dye Workshop -
(comprehensive course for environmentally friendly dyeing)
2 day Leno Weaving on Rigid Heddle Looms
June 2 day Tapestry Weaving Workshop on simple frames
1 day Learn how to make Silk Paper Fabrics
July 1 or 2-day Spinning Fine Threads
2-day Silk Spinning
August 3-day Improve your skills with your 4-shaft table loom
September Open Day for Spinning - bring and share lunch
Open Day for Knitting - bring and share lunch
Each of these are hopefully in the garden (weather permitting!) with a bring and share lunch

Please contact me for details about these workshops or if you’d like to learn something specific I can arrange a day to suit your requirements.
For more detailed information have a look at my Facebook Page or my other website.